Der er forskellige måder at bakke op om de vilde bier hos Beekind. Kontakt os for at få en præsentation af mulighederne. Vi har pt projekter som skovbryn, lysninger, og naturtilplantninger, småbiotoper, m.v.


There are various Beekind certificates and this in order to be able to let companies show the extent to which they support Beekind.  At the same time, it shows you who know Beekind how they support. My idea as an entrepreneur behind, of course, has been that a company that supports with e.g. 20m2 should be able to show this, and those who support over 1000m2 should be able to show this.  

Der er flere Beekind varer på hylden. Kontakt os for oplæg, hvis du ønsker at undersøge mulighederneDet er kun nøje udvalgte større sponsorer som har retten til at benytte det originale logo 

Beenature and Beeforestrepresent areas where Beekind has been involved in the plant plan in different ways. If you meet a sign with these places in nature, you will most often be able to find a QR code to hear about the journey on this area. Alternatively, you can follow us on this page to see the latest bee areas planted when we reach that point. At some point, there will be a Map of Denmark on the website, and here you will be able to see where Beekind will in the future have bee plants planted and biodiversity created. This is also Beekind's mission/vision for the future.  

Sidst, men ikke mindst, har vi Beedreamer, som er til de løsninger der skaffer smådonationer hjem til Beekind.

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